How much truth do you see in Rhea Chakraborty’s interview on AajTak?

Rhea Chakraborty's interview on AajTak

How much truth do you see in Rhea Chakraborty’s interview on AajTak?

I’ve seen the Rhea Chakraborty’s interview on AajTak. But there were things which bothered me. Specifically, her body language and the trend of the words she kept using.

Talking about her body language, these are the few things which looked fishy because those were not how she used to behave in her interviews.

  • Her legs were crossed.
  • Over shown confidence (looked like she was acting to be confident).
  • Touching her face and biting nails in the last 10 minutes of the interview.
  • Smiling off too much in between the interview.
  • Nodding head too much
  • The trend of words and dates she repeated, seemed like she wanted to pass the blame on the family.
  • She kept mentioning names of Meetu Singh, Priyanka Singh, OP Singh and Sushant’s father KK Singh.
  • Also, she kept talking about the dates, “9th to 13th” so that she can pass the blame and attention to his sister.

I hope the truth comes out soon, and Sushant gets justice.



. It was a publicity stunt to increase TRP.

You can read this and try to understand what happened:

Riya: I sometimes don’t even believe that this is my life. (While thinking) Away from the facts, there is a truth that Sushant is not here today, and he cannot tell the truth to everyone. My dreams are so far away that I want to take a deep breath where four-five agencies are not behind me. I want to see a typical day where I can wake up in the morning and have breakfast with my parents, and no one in my family has an attack. So my dreams have fallen behind, but I will fight.

Rajdeep: Will you fight?
Riya: Yes, I will fight.

Rajdeep: You have never lost courage because of the way the allegations have been made. Some people would say that Riya Chakraborty must have dared now too?
Riya: There is a whole conspiracy to break first to break my family. Then to spoil me. Now, to break my spirits, make this girl so that she could not even defend herself.

What does Kangana say? That the systematic breakdown of a fragile mind happened to Sushant. So what happened to me? What happened to me? Systematic Breakdown of an Innocent Family? An Innocent Girl? Who loved an innocent boy? (Laughing mockingly) You guys are not happy about this that there is no gossip and no untranslatable story here. And someone he sometimes calls someone talks about it. Meaning anything is going on. It is my life ?? (Sad smile). It is the life of my family and me.

Rajdeep: Today, you are breaking the silence. Why? Why did you choose today?
Riya: (handling himself cleanly) Sushant told me. Sushant came in my dream. He is coming in the dreams of many people nowadays who never even knew him. He said that say to the truth. Go and tell everyone what you are. What was our relationship? What else?

Rajdeep: I will come to that relationship. I will also come to the charges. But first, come to the relationship.
Riya: G.

Rajdeep: Tell us about your relationship with Sushant? When did you meet? How to meet? How did this relationship start?
Riya: So Sushant and I have been friends for many years. We met at the Yash Raj Studio in 2000. My first film was released and his film Kay Po Che was about to be released. Or it was settled, and they were coming to YRF. New talent was created. Our managers were even then. We were introduced to YRF’s gym. And then sometimes we had to meet at award shows here and there. We were excellent friends. Probably used to meet even once a year, but used to talk the whole thing. How is everything? Meaning, complete. Everyone used to share their problems also during that time.


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