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Raspberry Honey

Our crude Raspberry Honey originates from the New Jersey shoreline. Raspberries are well known in home nurseries, yet without fertilization, are not worth the nursery space.

Have you seen how raspberry plants comprise of little portions? With fertilization, you can see 45-90 pieces. Without you will see 15-27. Additionally, pollinated raspberries are 1/3 heavier than unpollinated organic products. Beekeepers normally place 1-2 hives for every hectare in raspberry fields so as to expand appearance to the raspberry blossoms, consequently delivering Raspberry Blossom Honey. Our Raspberry Honey has a decent fruity taste, like the raspberry plant.

raspberry honey
raspberry honey

What is raspberry Honey?

Raspberry crude uncooked honey is the light honey top notch. Taste and smell: raspberry honey has a fragile fragrance of blossoms and the sensitive kind of raspberry, charming smell and brilliant taste. Honeycomb with a raspberry has a fragile taste and is appeared to soften in the mouth.

Rossland’s Raw Raspberry honey is a wonderful light bloom, honey. It truly tastes of raspberries. It is anything but especially perplexing honey, kids will cherish its fruity and gentle appreciation.

This specific honey has an orange golden shading and when set it goes to a shade of peachy orange and pink.

Where does the Honey originate from?

Our arbutus honey originates from Catalonia in Spain, a spot with ripe soil, which brings about flavorsome produce, and thus flavorsome honey.

Who delivers this Honey?

This raspberry honey originates from Rossland. He deals with honey-like fine art and you can truly tell. It has such an ideal consistency and the assortments run from exceptionally unpretentious to extremely plain. He has won numerous honors for his honey including from the well eminent International Taste and Quality Institute who evaluated a few of his honey assortments at the high level in the unrivaled taste grant classification.


It would be ideal if you realize that crude honey does crystalize and this is a characteristic cycle that happens primarily because of the regular glucose in crude honey.

Here at The Raw Honey Shop, we pay attention to honey very and we accept honey ought to be RAW, unpasteurized, and 100% characteristic. We’ve been acquainting our clients with an entirely different universe of unadulterated all normal unpasteurized crude honey. With an item list comprising of more than 30 distinctive crude and natural honey we have an assortment to suit all preferences.

Much obliged to you for visiting our shop and we anticipate acquainting you with a universe of crude, unadulterated, and really great normal honey, the manner in which the honey bees would need it.

Crude Honey Maine Wild Raspberry Honey

At the point when life requires a punch of pleasantness, one honey consistently works. Ideal for those with a sweet tooth, Wild Raspberry Honey joins a conspicuous light golden shading with the flavor intricacy discovered distinctly in a crude, single varietal. An unpretentious fragrance of cocoa spread prompts a special berry-forward wrap-up, this honey a steady group top pick.

Reasonable for both sensitive palates and the striking flavor-chasing, Wild Raspberry covers the mouth with a smooth surface and a murmur of raspberry flavor. Yet, no added substances here—likewise with the entirety of our honey, Wild Raspberry is crude and natural, picking up its intricacy during the excursion from raspberry bloom to hive to shake.

Wild Raspberry’s intense pleasantness and inconspicuous connotations loan themselves to a wide scope of employment. We like it as a base for tuille presented with creme fraiche or blended into margarine for a morning meal amicable spread. Wild Raspberry is an enchantment with Chamomile Tea and does some amazing things in a mojito. Give it shot granola, yogurt, and toast, and investigation with it as a smooth sugar in treats and cakes.

Wild raspberry plants develop all through the calm United States, from Alaska to New Mexico, and produce especially well in the territory of Maine. We get our honey from Albion, Maine, where the beekeeper puts his hives in a zone brimming with raspberry brambles.

The plants bloom with little white blooms from pre-summer to late-spring, giving the honey bees a sufficient window to gather honey and start the honey-making measure. Raspberries and blackberries are among the most secure wild berries to scrounge, as they are anything but difficult to distinguish and have no copies.

Much the same as all crude honey, Wild Raspberry is loaded with cancer prevention agents and contains supportive minor components and minerals, for example, cobalt, copper, iodine, iron, magnesium, and phosphorus.

For quite a long time individuals have gone to crude honey for the skin treatment of minor injuries and consume, and as an antibacterial operator to advance in general well-being. Guardians needing a decent night’s rest additionally acknowledge crude honey as a characteristic hack suppressant, given its capacity to cover and mitigate the throat.