Raghuram Rajan: India Needs To Look Beyond What Rating Agencies Think

Raghuram Rajan

Raghuram Rajan: India needs to look beyond what rating agencies think

Former Reserve Bank of India governor Raghuram Rajan said that focusing on what rating agencies believe can take a person’s eyes. The Indian market has lost almost everything during the lockdown, so many businesses have finished and very hard to recover.

It’s also very important to convince both national and global investors who following the catastrophe connected to the pandemic is finished, and we’ll go back to financial responsibility within the medium term, and also the authorities must do more to convince them, Rajan advised the International Trade Forum.

The government has announced several initiatives that will assist small and poor – and – medium-size companies. Still, real cash outgo in the government’s steps was estimated at only about 1 percent of GDP


Several features the fiscal prudence to dread of a downgrade following Moody’s cut India’s evaluation and prognosis from early June followed closely with a change in perspective from Fitch.

He explained the RBI should concentrate on if credit is hitting the stressed regions of the market, and additionally, in the event, the viable companies could get credit rather than the unviable ones.

And I believe that is where it’s to focus on its attention, since funds since you will understand, are restricted in India today.

Government officials also have indicated the possibility of no longer financial stimulus being declared, would arrive in the next half of their year, after a restoration has taken root, and coronavirus instances have peaked.

What India should concentrate on now is shielding its economic capacities, so that if it’s coped with all the virus, it may restart action fairly.

And if it does this, there’s no explanation as to why the rating agencies won’t find that as a proper policy.

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