China Said: India’s Action on Article 370 is Illegal and Invalid

Action on Article 370 is Illegal and Invalid

China Said: India’s Action on Article 370 is Illegal and Invalid

In a statement in Beijing, in reaction to some queries from social media, the Chinese Foreign Ministry said India’s Action on Article 370 is Illegal and Invalid, which was done last year by the Modi government. The reply has been sent to china that no one is allowed to say anything about India’s internal matters.

China has cleared that they will keep the interface in India’s internal matters no matter whatever situation is in two countries. As per them, they want to be transparent for both India and Pakistan, but everyone knows that id not true. This problem is a dare leftover in history between India and Pakistan. This is an objective reality created by UN Security Council resolutions by the UN Charter and arrangements between India and Pakistan. Any change to the status quo is invalid and illegal.


The Chinese side does not have any locus stand whatsoever with this issue and is advised not to comment on the internal affairs of other countries, he explained.

This past year, Beijing had especially voiced its opposition to the development of a Union Territory in Ladakh, which contained within its borders the Aksai Chin area, currently inhabited by China. However, India had pointed out to China that the shift hadn’t changed India’s external boundaries or its territorial claims at all. Wednesday’s announcement from Beijing did not mention Ladakh.

Pakistan and India are acquaintances that must not be transferred away, ” he explained. Coexistence serves the interests of the frequent aspiration of the global community and both. China expects that they enhance relationships that can deal with the differences through dialogue, and safeguard peace, stability, and growth of the countries and the area.

While China had opposed India’s move this past year on Article 370 and had pushed for the UNSC to go over the movement, Indian officials say China hadn’t likewise criticized Pakistan’s internal fluctuations in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir, for example, administrative modifications to the contested Gilgit-Baltistan area.

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