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How to Sell Honey Online

How to Sell Honey Online

Experiences in Sell Local Honey Online

How to Sell Honey Online? I run a computerized promoting organization by day and I have been keen on marking and internet business for a long time. At the point when I took up honey beekeeping quite a long while back, I figured it wouldn’t have been long before my normal everyday employment and my interest met up.

With a guard crop from my little apiary (1 hive – right now), I chose to try out selling honey on the web. Coming up next is a ‘smaller than expected contextual analysis’ of what I did, what I realized, and what occurred.

Thinking of a brand name

Fortunately, my family name is Honey – yes it truly is. I surmise nominative determinism had an impact in my excursion into honey beekeeping, in spite of the fact that my granddad likewise kept honey bees and I helped him every now and then when I was a child. If you care looking for how to sell honey online, you should think of a brand name as well. I picked’s Honey. I’m just a small scale maker so the brand fits very well with my family and the individuals I know. Curiously, however, the brand has begun to resound with a marginally more extensive gathering of individuals and I’m regularly commended on it.

Characterizing a brand personality – your logo

The look and feel of your logo say a great deal regarding what your identity is and what you are selling. I’m sufficiently blessed to have had some assistance from one of the architects at work, however, there are some extremely financially savvy or free administrations that can assist you with concocting a logo.

Logos regularly involve two components. A realistic to represent the brand and a book component with the name of the brand.

You can plan your own logo with various free apparatuses (however be careful about some free devices – truly what they are attempting to do is permit you to structure the logo for nothing, yet charge you when you need to download it or sell you different administrations). Then again you could decide to utilize a paid for administration. Fiverr is a sensibly valued assistance that can assist you with getting a logo structured by an expert fashioner. I would spend somewhere close to £15-£50 for utilizing one of these kinds of administrations, however.

For my logo I decided on an ‘extravagance very good quality legacy’ look and feel by utilizing a work of art, yet current text style along with an image of a griffin.

What are you selling?

For me, this was truly basic. I’ve explored different avenues regarding various shapes and sizes of containers throughout the previous scarcely any years and found that a ½ lb container works best for me. I need more honey to offer to make things excessively confused with various sorts of honey from various hives and I haven’t got into making different items for saleYet. Before you look for how to sell honey online make sure what are you selling is worthy.

Others will have sees on estimating, yet after some examination I chose a cost of £4.99 for the ½ lb container in addition to bundling and postage. This might be viewed as a significant expense to a few, however, I haven’t met any issues so distant from clients. I think they comprehend this isn’t a completely fledged business venture and they get tied up with the miniaturized scale nature of the business and the provenance of the honey.

The Honey Name

I’ve truly delighted during the time spent making names for the containers. Having your own remarkable honey mark is a serious accomplishment. It’s your opportunity to get inventive and rejuvenate your image! It is very important to decide the honey name before looking for how to sell honey online.

There’s a lot of name providers that can help and a portion of the bigger organizations incorporate Thorne, Avery We Print, or National Bee Supplies. It’s critical to likewise consider sealed marks. On the off chance that you utilize standard marks without a carefully designed system, you can generally utilize contract wrap container sealers accessible from Amazon, eBay, and so on.

In the event that you are selling honey, it’s additionally critical to comprehend the administrative and administrative structure so I would suggest investigating this before you go excessively far. There’s decent not many articles on the web about this and the contrasts between selling honey as a specialist versus as a business adventure need cautious thought.

  • Honey container and name
  • Enrolling an area name

At the point when you consider your image name, additionally consider the area name (your web address) that you will utilize. Preferably these will be firmly coordinated. There’s a lot of site space name organizations out there. I would suggest a “” space for UK organizations in spite of the fact that there different expansions that you may like. There’s normally an advancement on or the like eg. get it for a long time and get 1 year free so it pays to search around and comprehend what the progressing costs will be. I additionally purchased an email office with a catch-all ability so I could have an email tends to, for example, info@ or sales@ and just compensation for one email, however, you could obviously utilize a free email administration, for example, Gmail.


Which framework to use for your online shop

With the brand and space name arranged, the topic of which online shop stage to utilize came straightaway. For me the most significant necessities were; convenience, straightforwardness of specialized setup, and includes accessible. I needed something that was basically as simple as conceivable to get ready for action and acknowledge online installments.

I took a gander at different various bundles and alternatives, including WordPress, Wix, and Shopify. At long last I picked Shopify. It surely wasn’t the least expensive of all (the arrangement I’m on is $232 per annum), however, it appeared well and good for what I needed to do and for my prerequisites.

I discovered Shopify simple to utilize and alter (absent a lot of specialized information) and I truly preferred how simple it was to acknowledge installments utilizing the Stripe installment door. The administrator board where you control your shop, oversee items, and the highlights you requirement for running the shop (eg overseeing stock and advancements) are for the most part simple to utilize. Additionally, it has an application too, so I’ve had the option to oversee orders while making the rounds on my telephone.

Transportation and Packing

When selling on the web, it’s critical to set up transportation rules to ascertain dispatching expenses and Shopify does this well. You have to know the heaviness of your container of honey in addition to pressing, so when individuals request you can compute the right delivery charges relying upon where they live and what they request. Be ready for transport and packing material before searching how to sell honey online.

As of now I transport honey to territory UK, Europe, and even the US, and misunderstanding the side of the transportation costs will cost you sincerely. I chose Royal Mail first class little package administration – it’s sensibly estimated and I’m lucky enough to have a mail station locally. As a guide, it costs about £3.38 to send a little package gauging 1 kg to the UK.

I immediately discovered that bundling supplies are costly. I purchased 2 sizes of boxes; one that could hold a solitary container and one that could hold three containers. The crates are costly when purchased in little amounts, and can be effectively found on Amazon, eBay, and so forth. I surmise the more you purchase the less expensive it turns out to be, yet the expenses for boxes and pressing material expected to protect them secure and during transport unquestionably should be considered into your estimations.

Deals and Marketing

Effective web-based business is frequently about an engaging item depiction and item photography. I set aside some effort to clarify what my identity was, what I was doing, and my ‘venture’ in the course of the most recent couple of years on the site. I arranged ‘collect notes’ for each for the past seasons to clarify what occurred during the time with the honey bees, what I could see them benefiting from, and so on.

For item photography, I put resources into a camera application for my iPhone. I knew great item photography was critical to selling on the web, however, didn’t have any desire to spend an excessive amount of cash on getting great photographs. The camera application costs £5.99, however permits you significantly more authority over camera highlights than the standard telephone camera. This along with a white foundation permitted me to get some entirely conventional item photographs to use on the site and Facebook page.

I made a basic Facebook page for’s Honey and welcomed loved ones to like the page. I update it now and again with posts/photographs and so on and it’s a straightforward and let loose approach to keep everybody to date. For the initial scarcely any seasons I parted with the majority of the honey to loved ones and this truly helped spread the word as it were. In the course of the most recent couple of years I’ve developed 100 or so fans (which isn’t a ton by all accounts), yet ideal for the measure of honey I need to sell.

At the point when I propelled my shop this year, I posted an update saying it was accessible for buy and was astounded by the reaction. Inside minutes I had my first requests rolling in from loved ones. For individuals that lived locally, I offered a code they could use at checkout to take the delivery sum off. Inside a couple of days, I began getting orders from individuals that I didn’t have the foggiest idea.

I considered selling the rest at the nearby ranchers market, yet picked to support a post on Facebook to perceive what might occur. When you will search for how to sell honey online, you will get so many deals in the market.

Utilizing the helped post include on Facebook, I promoted my post to ladies between the ages of 35-65 in the neighborhood that they would have the post shown in their news channel. This appeared to be the most coherent gathering to target dependent on who I thought would be destined to be keen on privately created honey. It isn’t so much that guys or individuals more established or more youthful don’t accept honey – obviously they do.

The outcomes were extremely amazing. From a financial plan of US$ 7.00, my post appeared to 1,243 individuals, and 73 of those drawn in with it (eg they enjoyed, remarked, shared, or visited the site). From this helped present I was capable on get around 10 new clients. Interesting that these are for the most part individuals who live locally that I didn’t have the foggiest idea and I have an inclination they will be back again one year from now for additional.


This season I extricated 48 lbs of nectar from 1 hive, leaving the honey bees with a bounty for the winter. This permitted me to bottle 96 ½ lb containers.


I’ve kept a sensibly exact count of the apparent multitude of expenses related to this.


  • £174.00


  • £4.99

Email address

  • £21.53


  • £18.81

iPhone camera application

  • £5.99

Containers (100x 1/2 lb)

  • £43.94

Pressing boxes

  • £34.00

Therapist wrap container sealers

  • £9.40

Pressing tape and filler

  • £10.00


  • £34.00

Facebook advancement

  • £6.00


  • £5.00


  • £367.66

The expenses for the site, area, and email are rough yearly expenses and the various expenses were the genuine expenses brought about to jug, mark and boat the 96 containers of honey.


From the 96 containers, this is the means by which they were designated and the related pay got.


As should be obvious from the costs/salary there is definitely not a lot of cash to be made by selling on the web – just £10.65! This scarcely appears to be justified, despite all the trouble given that is was a sensible measure of work and exertion far beyond taking care of the honey bees for a year. I’ll effectively spend that on something honey bee related. What’s more, I unquestionably don’t think my endeavor into internet business will cause the great people at the huge honey makers any worry.

Yet, likewise, with most activities with honey beekeeping – it’s not about the cash.

Here are some further experiences and exercises learned

I parted with 15 containers to some thankful family, companions, and neighbors and I have enough honey for my family to go on until one year from now.

I could undoubtedly have accomplished a comparable outcome and spent less doing it. I settled on decisions about how to approach this and I wasn’t continually utilizing cost as the main factor.

The site execution was great and some intriguing measurements have been gotten. The transformation pace of guests to purchasers is 9.91%, the normal request esteem was £12.08 (ie a great many people purchased two containers). Many individuals have submitted a few requests with one individual requesting multiple times inside a month.

The greater part of expenses eg. site, email, space, will stay steady. So if I somehow managed to scale up there is the chance to get somewhat more cash-flow. However, at this stage, it truly isn’t about the cash. It’s more about learning and doing. Having said that I have been reflecting on plans to increment to 5 hives.

Offering to the nearby network has got me making the rounds. I’ve found new pieces of the zone I live in, met new individuals, and ideally made them an enthusiast of the honey.

Sending off nectar in the post to individuals and afterward getting incredible input when they taste it is massively fulfilling.

I pretty much sold all the honey I had rapidly (I just have a couple of containers left at the season of composing) – this is both acceptable and awful as I presently have a site staying there and next to no honey to sell. I’m speculating I’ll be getting a few family members Christmas presents this year as opposed to giving them honey.

Such an insignificant slice of the honey expended in the UK is from the UK so in my book whatever assists more with peopling find the incredible honey delivered in this nation is something worth being thankful for. I’ve yet to meet a beekeeper who isn’t only an extraordinary individual – working admirably taking care of their honey bees and one day, I trust that I can sell other beekeepers’ honey by means of the site.

I’ve truly delighted in the marking and web-based business side of things and I’ll never have enough of my own honey to fulfill a request, so it bodes well to find out about selling honey on the web – who knows possibly one day I can help another honey bee guardian sell their honey on the web.

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