Dwayne Johnson Biography

Dwayne Johnson Biography

Dwayne Johnson Biography

Dwayne Johnson Biography

Dwayne Douglas Johnson, also known by his ring name The Rock, is an American-Canadian actor, producer, businessman, retired professional wrestler, and former American football player. He wrestled for the World Wrestling Federation for eight years before pursuing an acting career.

Dwayne Johnson Biography
Dwayne Johnson Biography

Johnson Childhood/Early Life and Family Background

Dwayne Johnson was conceived on second May 1972 to his dad, Wayde Johnson, who was an expert grappler generally known as Rocky Johnson, and his mom, Ata Johnson, who is of Samoan cause. While growing up, Dwayne Johnson lived with his mom’s family in New Zealand where he educated at Richmond Road Primary School. Before long Johnson moved to the United States to be with his dad, who was continually progressing because of his wrestling way of life, Johnson all through the length of his early stages lived in 38 of the 50 states in the US.

Johnson adored wrestling and his dad, Rocky, showed him a portion of his moves. Johnson once rehearsed one of such moves; the sleeper hold proceeds onward a school pal, who in this way got oblivious. His dad, Rocky, needed to resuscitate the child. His house was such a setting for his school mates who needed to fight with Johnson.


Johnson will impersonate TV has and talk with his kindred grapplers, who were his classmates. There he improved at his ability to entertain where he made expressions intended to destabilize his rival.

At the point when he was 13 years of age, his dad took him to the rec center. Johnson started practicing at the seat press. After two or multiple times at the seat press, he went on to the emptied bar, where he effectively pushed 20-pounds. Be that as it may, he was unable to push 45 pounds.

It left him dismal and therefore prodded him to rehearse more diligently at the seat press. Even though Johnson was restrained in the exercise center, he despite everything was somewhat of an aggravation who got into battles and got captured. In secondary school, Dwayne who previously had a truly scary consider coexisted with battles which he won, leaving his rivals oblivious.

He once scared an instructor with his physical structure after he utilized the educator’s restroom and was scolded by his instructor. The following day Johnson apologized to the instructor who was amazed and valued Johnson’s motions and along these lines welcomed him to play football.


In 1996, Dwayne joined the WWE and became Rocky Maivia where he joined a gathering known as “The Nation of Domination” and turned heel. Rough inevitably took over authority of the “Country” and started taking the persona of The Rock. After the “Country” split, The Rock joined another tip top gathering of grapplers known as the “Organization” and started a noteworthy quarrel with Steve Austin.

He turned face and got known as “The Peoples Champion”. In 2000, the Rock got a vacation from WWE to film his appearance in The Mummy Returns (2001). He returned in 2001 during the WCW/ECW attack, where he joined a group of WWE grapplers at The Scorpion King (2002), a prequel to The Mummy Returns (2001).

Dwayne has a little girl, Simone Garcia Johnson, conceived in 2001, with his ex Dany Garcia, and little girls, Jasmine, conceived in 2015, and Tiana Gia, conceived in 2018, with his better half, vocalist and lyricist Lauren Hashian.

Total assets

Today, The Rock’s total assets are assessed at around $320 million.

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