About Baltimore Yoga Village

About Baltimore Yoga Village

About Baltimore Yoga Village

About Baltimore Yoga Village

Baltimore Yoga Village is a protected space for everybody of each nationality, sex and sexual direction, age, and culture to investigate the lessons of yoga just as other old, attempted and tried, mending, and expressive modalities. BYV houses well-being organizations that look to have any kind of effect in the lives of the network. Come appreciate what every last one of them has to bring to the table.

About Baltimore Yoga Village
About Baltimore Yoga Village

Our History

In 2007, Anjali, who had been educating at The Ahimsa Yoga Center, bought the advantages of the space to start another vision as a studio organizer. Hers was a dream of a multi-faceted network arranged focus where individuals in Baltimore could meet one another and become like a genuine town of help to one another while establishing in a likeminded situation where everybody valued the recuperating tranquility of ordinary yoga and contemplation practice.

There was a dream of supporting secretly settled instructors of numerous modalities, true individuals, who might make lessons effectively open to everybody. Educators included exceptional courses in momma-infant yoga, pre-birth yoga, and classes for the older folks, similar to yoga more than 50 and yoga for joint inflammation.

Anjali accepts that when more youthful and older folks meet up, there is consistently a more prominent potential for energizing characteristic information on our kin to approach and she is appreciative to have the chance to keep up space where this collaboration happens normally. In the end, the whole remodel of the “Hampden” Mill Center space parted with new life to our tucked city asylum.

In the interim in 2009, Quantum Yoga in the Lake Falls Village mall left the business and Anjali obtained this space also, presently extending open door for the showing network across two close yet particular Baltimore neighborhoods.

It has been her fantasy, since experiencing childhood in Southwest Baltimore and shipping across town to go to class every morning, to connect a portion of the partitions of Baltimore neighborhoods, for example, who goes where, and who approaches what.

The two spaces named Baltimore Yoga Village, she trusted the normal name of the studio areas would bring more empower assorted populaces to combine in the affection for well-being, well-being, and harmony.

Baltimore Yoga Village has developed as its locale has developed, into a spot that has birthed numerous organizations, connections, music groups, well-being, and health joint efforts, and then some, as individuals have undoubtedly been able to know one another.

The quantity of classes offered has dramatically increased. From sound mending, contemplation week by week, yoga asana, reciting, exceptional requirements classes, and even a few types of move, BYV has upheld an assorted variety of projects and health organizations. “Everything at BYV is revolved around network and bliss”, says a tribute for glad yogini April T. Furthermore, this has gotten valid with the extraordinary love every instructor and well-being business provides for their administrations.

As confided in areas that uphold people to hold bunch classes, BYV has been a huge piece of growing an environment of health in Baltimore. The best expectation is to make the way for a quiet domain, with the end goal that everybody has time every day to go internal to the harmony and bliss that is the entirety of our actual qualities.

Yoga Training For Everyone

We are a group of profoundly qualified, educators of-shading who give free yoga and care classes in Baltimore. We are raising assets to offer these classes economically and allowed to general society. We have confidence in yoga and care for everybody and everyone.

It fills in as a method of cultivating physical, social, financial, passionate, and ecological change in our bodies, our families, and our networks. The medical advantages have been demonstrated experimentally and have been attempted and tried for a huge number of years. You can see a couple of these advantages here.

Yoga Teacher Training Scholarships

Yoga Teacher Training Scholarships: These classes are to bring both these medical advantages, the expertise and information, and a monetary vehicle to the most energized dark and earthy colored yogis, to carry the endowment of yoga to these networks. Every learner will get free yoga showing accreditation (a normal venture of $3,000 per understudy).

A significant number of us have felt the incredible medical advantages of normal practice and devotion, and we welcome you to participate in our energy to impart it to other people. A couple of words from past beneficiaries.

A week after week Classes

Five educators began this undertaking in 2018 with the crucial arriving at networks that don’t approach these assets. It developed rapidly to 10 free week by week classes through liberal commitments from early supporters like you, City venture from the Enoch Pratt Library to help access at five areas (Penn Ave, Herring Run, Northwood, Reisterstown Rd, and Edmonson Avenue), and through organizations with Coppin State University, Ingoma Foundation (on Caroline Street), and Western High School.

In 2020, the ventures with Enoch Pratt reached out to more branches, 7 branches all through the city. This fall, with your speculation, we will include classes. Given the developing interest, and your liberality, we can stretch out this fruitful pilot to more destinations all through East and West Baltimore.

Imagine how Baltimore will transform from the entirety of the advantages picked up from internal and external harmony. Our city of Baltimore experiences a racially-based financial divergence more noteworthy than numerous U.S. urban areas.

This is an ideal opportunity to grow our jobs, and numbers, as harmony attendants, and enabled educators. Here’s an ongoing Baltimore Sun article that uncovers the truth.

About Baltimore Yoga Village
About Baltimore Yoga Village

We resist marks of shame and generalizations. There is unimaginable energy in these classes with us. Just because at the front of the room, individuals see these extraordinary educators, and feel cheerful. They know from the second they stroll in the room, it is conceivable to rehearse yoga and contemplation regardless of what your size, shape, sex direction, ethnicity, age, or race they will discover and empowering network — they see before them, relatable good examples — they feel sustained by solid partners.

Our projects are best in class. These yoga instructors incorporate qualified word related specialists, social laborers, and well-being focus directors. We comprehend the body, stress, and how to adjust classes remedially to meet those rehearsing, precisely where they are, with all that they bring. We arrive at the broadest decent variety of stunning individuals through BYFree.


The advantages of yoga are gotten through customary practice, which implies first we should have the option to get to it and bear the cost of classes until it turns out to be profoundly ingrained part of regular day to day existence.

There is some financing out there for youth care programs, notwithstanding, we have faith in showing those mature enough to come to us intentionally, and remain with us for the same number of years as they like! We burn through $0 authoritatively or on research improvement, and 100% of gifts go toward subsidizing classes, pieces of training, and supplies.

Through your commitment, we will twofold the scope of our administrations in the following year. We will include areas and train instructors, prepared to share. The individuals who complete yoga educator preparation can go into a market of in excess of 36 million specialists in the USA and a $16 billion industry. We are eager to offer financial admittance to network individuals who want the chance to enter this market as instructors.

Area of Studio

1. Mt. Washington Studio Location

Strategically placed in Mt. Washington, Maryland at the Lake Falls Village Center on We are at the edge of Lake Avenue and Falls Rd in the rear of the Lake Falls Village Shopping. Opposite Robert E.

Lee Park and the Falls Road Light Rail Stop, the location is 6080 Falls Road, Baltimore, MD 21209. We outskirt the Mt. Washington/Roland Park neighborhoods and are advantageous to city and area occupants.


695 Beltway to 83 S — Jones Falls Expressway (or 83 N if originating from the South)

Take Northern Parkway Exit, and go East off the off-ramp

Take a Left turn onto Falls Road traveling Northbound

Baltimore Yoga Village is around the back close to Al Pacino Pizza and Sushi Hana eatery.

2. Hampden Studio Location

We fringe Remington and Hampden neighborhoods, helpful to Mt. Vernon and Charles Village neighborhoods. This studio is situated close by The noteworthy Mill Center, 3000 Chestnut Avenue, 21211. Anyway, PARKING is on Mill Road.

If you don’t mind follow the specific headings underneath #5-#9 to locate our accurate area.


Take I-83 to 28th Street exit.

Turn left at the principal light onto Sisson Street.

Follow Sisson as it bends to one side and becomes Keswick Road.

Take a left-hand turn on 33rd Street. Take first left onto Chestnut Avenue.

Note: This is a thin minimal two-way road… it is conventional to pull out of the way if a vehicle driving the other way can’t get by.

  • Take a right onto Mill Road and follow the street as it bends to one side.
  • The Mill Center free parking area will be to your right side.
  • Park your vehicle in the parcel, at that point stroll across Mill Road, through the dark iron entryways, and down the slope.
  • There will be a structure to your left side with a light blue metal railing. That isn’t the ideal spot.
  • Walk further down the slope to the structure on your RIGHT. Baltimore Yoga Village is the main entryway on the right.
About Baltimore Yoga Village
About Baltimore Yoga Village

Baltimore Yoga Village makes safe spaces and houses genuine health programs for individuals who have any kind of effect on the network. We have invited developing, set up health organizations to grow to arrange, root into a sacrosanct network space, and meet like-personalities since 2007.

Differing programming has included Yoga for uneasiness and melancholy, Trauma-Informed Yoga, all types of yoga-like Kundalini, Hatha, Vinyasa, Yoga for joint pain, Nia move, Qigong, Meditation, Yoga Nidra, Feldenkreis, Pranayama, Prenatal Yoga, and the sky is the limit from there, widening Baltimore’s admittance to attempted and tried mending modalities. Openness and assorted variety are at the center of our main goal.

Instructor Training

1. Yoga Teacher Training 200 Hour

Yoga is a long-lasting practice, which when concentrated with genuine dedication, becomes basic to each snapshot of life.

You can anticipate from this course:

  •  Life-changing works on including development, physical arrangement/life structures, yoga helps, breathwork,   diet, day by day schedule suggestions, contemplation, and Radical Honesty correspondence work
  •  Group work and accomplice sharing
  •  Reading tasks
  •  Ayurvedic way of life proposals
  •  Chanting, singing, using your normal voice
  •  Weekly follow-up at home experiential learning (1 to 2hrs./week)

What is anticipated from you:

  •  Timeliness and full nearness
  •  Confidentiality and holding a protected compartment for our gathering
  •  Asking for what you need and need

2. Yoga Teacher Training 500 Hour

You can anticipate from this preparation:

Backing from talented instructors to propel your blessings and common voice as an educator

Life-changing works on including development, physical arrangement, life systems, yoga helps, breathwork, diet, reflection, care strategies, and self-awareness work

Aptitudes to make canny, dynamic sequencing to make remarkable classes understudies will recollect

Increment your capacity to educate with exact, clear, and viable arrangement guidelines for a more profound understudy involvement with your classes

  • Gathering work and accomplice sharing
  • Understanding tasks
  • Ayurvedic way of life proposals
  • Reciting, singing, using your normal voice
  • A week after week follow-up at home experiential learning (1-2hrs every week)

A 300hr AYTT YA-endorsed confirmation upon finish and installment of the program

  • A familial gathering of lively yogis devoted to bringing more harmony, love, administration for the sake of yoga to the network
  • Pertinent specialized devices to keep up a protected, inviting, associated space for understudies and for your own life
  • Theory “tea talks”
  • Systems administration with the network for quality yoga educating openings.
About Baltimore Yoga Village

What is anticipated from you:

  • Idealness and full nearness
  • Classification and holding a sheltered compartment for our gathering
  • Requesting what you need and need (fair correspondence with each other)
  • A chance to show the network through training instructs
  • Month to month registration with each other
  • Prerequisite of 2 classes every week in the middle of modules
  • Schoolwork culmination

Svadhyaha: an investigation of self/contemplation

Proceeding with Education Training

In the event that your 200 or 500-hour educator preparing left your tastebuds asking for additional, congrats you have gotten the yoga bug. Yoga study is simply the investigation of the Universal inside and the way that Self appears on the planet we know. No 200 hour or 500-hour course could fulfill all that is enveloped in yoga study.

Proceeding with training is fundamental particularly as yoga turns out to be more perceived in standard culture. Learning the philosophical roots, the language of Sanskrit applied kinesiology, and strength educator training for specific populaces can take long periods of engaged and compensating study.

Keep on extending what you have to bring to the table to understudies through superb well-being organizations and non-benefits facilitated at Baltimore Yoga Village.

Up and coming appointments incorporate Trauma-Informed Yoga with BodyWise Foundation and an end of the week with voyaging teacher Desiree Rumbaugh.


Conventional yoga is drilled inside a more full set, which incorporates physical, mental, and passionate well-being. At Baltimore Yoga Village, we offer space to a wide scope of organizations that give an assortment of administrations in the space, for example, yoga, movement, reflection, breathwork, and that are only the tip of the iceberg.

Wellness Training Programs are as follows:

1. Ayurveda

  • Why Ayurveda?
  • You are prepared to focus on a way of life which encourages physical and mental prosperity
  • You need to coordinate your profound practices into a consistent life
  • You are looking for expanded invulnerability and more long stretches of well-being every year
  • You’ve had a go at everything else! Furthermore, you are worn out on futile daily existence medication
  • You are prepared to work inside a framework structured only for you!

Ayurveda (आयुवेद’) is one of the most seasoned normal mending frameworks in the planet, with roots on the Indian subcontinent. A sister science to yoga, it is both a deterrent and mending clinical science, which helps every individual advance toward a condition of complete parity. In Ayurveda, every individual is treated as extraordinary and the connection among customers and specialists is sacred. It can help with.

2. Breath-work

Pranayama is frequently deciphered as breath control when in certainty the more genuine definition is the development of the indispensable vitality or prana. Breath practices are utilized to coordinate fundamental vitality into the nadis or vitality diverts in the body and to stir torpid profound vitality, the kundalini.

At the most fundamental level, pranayama professionals can encounter profits by help with discomfort to expanded vitality levels, unwinding, and more profound reflection. In day by day life, a pranayama practice can mean the contrast between a sentiment of more profound inward weight and the capacity to grow one’s brain in an unpleasant circumstance.

At the point when one can coordinate the progression of imperative vitality, one can achieve any assignment effortlessly and stir potential in all everyday issues.

Classes start with essential relaxation. Essential breath mindfulness activities can be groundbreaking and an entirely open passage into pranayama practice. These activities take into consideration a lot of inventiveness from the educator/understudy; anything is possible! They can be accustomed to carry attention to the psyche/body/passionate association of the breath, the muscles engaged with breathing, breath pacing, and the pieces of the breath.

When the pieces of the breath have been explained, understudies might be prepared for traditional pranayama procedures. These procedures are best learned under the tutelage of an accomplished expert or instructor as it is essential to figure out how to rehearse them without strain.

There can be a few reactions to these incredible practices, for example, shivering sensations, the experience of warmth and cool, extreme perspiring and shaking, and enthusiastic unsettling influences, which are best observed by an educator from the start. Further, practices can be modified to explicit understudies dependent on physical and emotional wellness conditions.

3. Move and NIA

Low effect cardio-move exercises with straightforward developments, which uses the wise plan of each body, while tending to body, psyche, and soul, NIA and the entirety of our move-related workshops offer safe structure and opportunity of articulation. Tone the body and brain in this all-encompassing wellness practice.

4. Sustenance

In Community Supported Agriculture individuals pay ahead of time for a portion of the progressing harvest. By turning into a steward of the land, you are effectively taking an interest in an aggregate exertion towards manageability. You are guaranteed a segment of really supporting, privately developed food. Consistently from June through November, individuals get an assortment of newly collected vegetables.

Since the healthy benefit of produce decays fundamentally while on general store racks, as a part you will appreciate the freshest, most nutritious produce accessible. With Ancient Oaks CSA, you can get included by supporting our homestead, knowing where and how the food is developed.

You will partake in the prizes and the dangers experienced by the homestead network that are characteristic in farming. This implies in long stretches of ecological or climate limitations, individuals may get a greater amount of one yield yet less of another.

For what reason do we cooperate with Ancient Oaks? We have multilayered associations with the ranchers. “Homa” in the name Ancient Oaks Homa Farm alludes to a sort of fire reflection rehearsed on the ranch. What’s more, after the home fire reflection, agnihotra, is rehearsed, the cinders from the fire contemplation are utilized to prepare and adjust the dirt.

Unadulterated, natural, non-compound food and soil develops wonderful vegetables absorbed sun and supplication. Set forth plainly, these vegetables are developed with extraordinary love! Antiquated Oaks Homa Farm individuals regularly lead-free workshops at Baltimore Yoga Village in the act of this reflection strategy and a portion of our instructors incorporate the fire contemplations into training and classes too.

About Baltimore Yoga Village

Ayurvedic Nutrition

Ayurveda, the conventional well-being framework generally learned and rehearsed close by yoga, is custom-fitted to the individual a similar way a decent remedial yoga class can be. There are no accident diets and wide clearing rules, but instead, center rules that interface every individual to their own special nature.

It is a subjective science that generally assigns nourishments, spices, and treatments by coordinating the characteristics of these with the characteristics of an individual’s encounter, adjusting what feels dis-facilitated with substances of inverse and complementary quality. Set forth plainly, hot can be facilitated by chilly; thick sentiments by unobtrusive substances, and so on.

Learning oneself is at the center of finding the adjusting diet and way of life. Ayurvedic sustenance classes help to substance out these standards, investigate a nourishments and cooking techniques, and get familiar with the characteristics of specific food sources. Ayurvedic sustenance is additionally tended to through private conference with Anjali.

Strength Courses

These uncommon courses offer you the chance to take classes with a steady gathering and permit educators to tailor courses in a dynamic way. Kindly note our discount strategy: Refunds: If you have to drop your enrollment, kindly do as such in any event multi-week before the workshop, and your enlistment charge will be discounted short a 20% authoritative expense. Apologies, no discounts will be given for abrogations made inside short of what multi week of the course.

1. Yoga for Anxiety and Depression (5 weeks) – ONLINE THROUGH ZOOM with Lynette Connelly

2. Yoga for Kids- – ONLINE THROUGH ZOOM with Daniella Bacigalupi

3. Feel The Love: Asana Intensive for All Levels with Christina Sell

4. Yoga As A Living Practice: 84 hours online course with Anjali Sunita


Sound Medicine Journey ONLINE with Angela Blueskies

Prologue to Human Design with Elyse Preston


In this world, reflection isn’t an extravagance; it is a need. Innumerable investigations have indicated the advantages of contemplation for all sicknesses identified with high worry, from coronary illness to PTSD. Join Insight Meditation Community educators at Baltimore Yoga Village Mount Washington area who right now lease space Tuesday nights at 7-8:30, and offer the class by gift to the network. Learn straightforward and available reflections zeroed in on breath or heart. The office is wheelchair open and available for individuals who can not sit on the floor.